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  • Yoga Therapy

    • Individual

    • Small Groups

  • Workshops & Series Classes

    • Examples: 

      • Chronic Pain

      • Stress-Relief

      • Countering "Tech Neck/Sitting Disease"

      • Self-Care for Caregivers

  • Corporate Wellness - Education and Classes

  • Education for Health Care Providers - “Lunch & Learns”

  • Studio Classes

  • Retreats

  • Events and Special Occasions




The therapeutic relationship is a partnership, and the process is collaborative. I encourage open dialogue so we may focus on the shared intention of health and healing. 


As a Yoga Therapist, I will:

  • Act as a facilitator, to support you in action towards your goals. 

  • Encourage you to develop a yoga practice that will empower you, so that you may become a participant in your own healing process. 


  • Offer guidance, support, and a safe environment for healing to begin and continue. 


With permission, I work in collaboration with my client’s other medical providers to discuss contraindications or other concerns that may arise.




The initial session is 90 minutes. I will review your intake form, and any other information you would like to share. Depending on your reasons for yoga therapy, I may assess posture, breath, flexibility, strength, balance, etc. We will work together to establish your goals for yoga therapy. We will then use the tools of yoga to start your path towards improved health and wellbeing.


Every session includes a Plan of Care individualized for you and your goals.




Practices may include: physical postures (asana), breath awareness and meditation practices, mudra, and mantra. These practices help to:


  • Reduce pain (and pain sensitivity)

  • Increase strength, mobility and balance

  • Improve sleep

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Assist with stress and pain management

  • Cultivate awareness of how thoughts, beliefs, and habitual patterns can impact all aspects of health

  • Increase quality of life



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