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Yoga Therapy: For best results, it is recommended for new clients to commit to at least 5 sessions, scheduled approximately every 1-2 weeks. 


  • Initial Session - $135 (90 min)

  • Individual Sessions: $90 (60 min), $112.50 (75 min), $135 (90 min)

  • 10% off for Package of 5 Sessions

  • 15% off for Package of 10 Sessions 


- You may pay online or in person for all sessions. 

- To book multiple sessions from a purchased session pack, you may pay online (or in person) for the initial session, and select “Pay in Person” when booking the remaining sessions. 





  • Seattle (Westlake) office

  • I travel to the client’s desired location.*

  • I travel to clinics, integrative wellness centers, retirement communities, and hospitals. I also work in corporate settings.

  • Sessions are available online via Skype or Zoom. (This availability depends on your individual needs and goals for yoga therapy, but are offered should you desire convenient sessions from the comfort of your own home). 

*Travel fee is $25 + $1/mile


Please feel free to reach out to me for more information or to schedule our first session!  


I look forward to hearing from you!

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