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One of the main reasons I chose to become a yoga therapist, was in honor of my mom, who passed away 5 years ago of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. At the time, I felt ill-equipped to fully support her through the challenging course of the disease. I chose this path so that I could learn to be of service to others with chronic conditions, in ways that I didn’t know how to before. My professional and personal experience with cancer has allowed familiarity with the illness trajectory, treatment protocol, and the unique stressors of cancer and cancer treatment. I provide yoga therapy services to assist clients through all stages of the disease process: newly-diagnosed, undergoing treatment, in recovery/remission, and for palliative care.


Through the course of disease, it is common to:

  • Feel disempowered due to decreased independence

  • Have concerns regarding your ability to take care of yourself and those depending on you

  • Worry about decreased productivity and your career/job/financial situation

  • Concern about the course of the disease, the treatment (and side-effects), and its impact on quality of life for you and everyone you love. 


A diagnosis with a terminal or chronic illness can alter the lens through which the individual views all aspects of life. 


Yoga Therapy can:

  • Offer a different perspective; a view less blocked by the ins and outs of the disease, treatment and recovery.

  • Help to prevent the physical and emotional downward spiral that can happen through the course of disease

  • Help manage symptoms, including those stemming from side-effects of treatment

  • Help to prevent, slow, or stop loss of strength, balance, cognitive function (chemo-brain), and independence

  • Decrease pain, fatigue, stress, anxiety, and depression 

  • Improve sleep

  • Increase quality of life

  • Restore a sense of inner power; to gain momentum in the upward battle towards health



A Note For Caregivers


I provide yoga therapy services to caregivers of those with a chronic condition. Caregivers often neglect their own health and wellbeing, which can lead to a host of problems including chronic pain, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. This can greatly impact your ability to care for your loved one. Yoga therapy can offer you self-care tools that will enable you to better care for your loved ones without endangering your own health. I also offer support and coping techniques for those grieving the loss of a loved one.

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